Oxygen Concentrators is not your typical oxygen tanks / cylinders. It is an equipment that requires electrical power to run and uses room air and converts it to oxygen through a process installed in the machine. It comes with 5L/min and 10L/min depending on the need of the patient.
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Compact DeVilbis Oxygen Concentrator 5LPM
10L oxygen concentrator
DeVilbis Oxygen Concentrator 5LPM (525DS)

The Compact DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator is the latest edition to the DeVilbiss line of oxygen concentrators. It provides efficient oxygen delivery with a compact, sleek design that won't detract from the decor of a home. This concentrator features an oxygen sensing device to ensure constant, accurate oxygen flow. The Compact Oxygen Concentrator is quiet, durable, and easy to use, with advanced technology that increases the life of the product and decreases power usage.

Product Specifications / Dimensions:
Product Dimensions: 24.5" H x 13.5" W x 12" D
Product Weight: 36 lbs.
Power Consumption: 310 Watt Average, 275 Watts @ 2.5 LPM and Below
Oxygen Percentage: 1-5 LPM, 93% +/-3%
Outlet Pressure: 8.5 psig
Delivery Rate: 0.5 to 5 LPM
Warranty: 1 Year
Compact DeVilbis Oxygen Concentrator 5LPM
devilbis 10L oxygen concentrator (1025DS)
• The 525 series and 1025 series concentrators utilize approximately 80% of the same components and service parts
• Outlet pressure of 20 psi
• Lightweight and compact - weighs only 42 lbs and equal in height, width and depth to the 525 concentrator
• Exclusive DeVilbiss OSD® (Oxygen Sensing Device), standard on every unit, monitors the oxygen produced and ensures patient safety and reliability for longer service intervals • Equipped with accessible patient controls, bright LEDs that can be seen from a distance, protected cannula fitting and recessed humidifier nook to prevent damage
.Convenient top and side handles for easy transport
• Lockable flow meter
• Accommodates up to 50 ft of oxygen tubing plus 7 ft of cannula (15.3 m)
• Durable and reliable design
— Unit tested in high temperature and high humidity for extended periods of time
— Proven rotary valve design
• Maintains oxygen purity up to 5,000 ft
• Three-year provider service interval
• Auxiliary Oxygen Port
10L oxygen concentrator
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