DeVilbiss Sleep Cupe Bilevel S + Mask

An established favorite by beginners and frequent travelers, the SleepCube AutoAdjust is loved for its quiet operation, simple controls, excellent humidifier and travel friendliness. Affordability, functionality and design have been proven by DeVilbiss to mix very well indeed.

AED 6500.00
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The SleepCube Heated Humidifier integrates seamlessly into the AutoAdjust and Standard CPAPs by DeVilbiss. The dishwasher-proof humidifier doesn't add anything to the footprint and takes it power from the CPAP machine directly, making it as simple to use as possible. Because your SleepCube sits on top of the humidifier, not only does it not take up any extra space but it also lifts the air intake away from the surface, reducing the amount of dust that it sucks in. 


  • Whisper quiet at 26dBA
  • Free SmartCode therapy reports
  • Three large buttons control nearly all functions for simple operation
  • Auto on / off automatically starts the flow of air after breathing into the mask and stops the flow of air when mask is removed