Vital Signs Monitor is a device used to show the current vital signs records of a patient. It can also store all the records of a patient, given that the system has been setup accordingly. It is powered by connecting in a electric socket for power and has a backup battery system that can be used for couple of hours. It measures your heart rhythm and heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation at the same time. Some machine also has a thermometer to be used to measuring your body temperature that can be done manually. It is portable and easy to use for healthcare professionals.
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Vital Sign Monitor

AV-Vital X provides essential measurement of patient’s Sp02, NIBP and Temperature. It offers an effective solution and brings high performance vital signs monitoring at your finger tips.

• 3.5″ high resolution color TFT-LCD screen
• Lightweight & portable design
• User-friendly interface
• Flexible configurations to meet different clinical needs
• Auto/Manual/Continuous/Average BP mode
• Real-time measurements & trend display
• Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for 17 hours of continuous work
• USB flash disk support
• Barcode scanner support (optional)
• Bi-directional communication with CMS-2000 central monitoring system
• Compatible with PatientCare Viewer PC data management software
• Wired LAN/Wi-Fi support, HL7 support via XML files or CMS-2000
• Nurse call
• Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
• Ethernet connection for bi-directional communication with CMS-2000 central monitoring system (optional)
• Wi-Fi support with optional AP
Vital Sign Monitor
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