Electric beds for hospital and homecare

hospital electric bed, also known as an electric hospital bed or medicalrnelectric bed, is a specialized bed designed for use in healthcare facilitiesrnsuch as hospitals, clinics, and taking care of a patient at home.

These bedsrnare equipped with electric motors and a variety of adjustable features tornprovide optimal patient care, comfort, and safety. 

Products of Electric Bed

Electric Bed

Three Function Electric Medical Bed

AED 5250.00
Electric Bed

Hospital Be-B6e

AED 6300.00
Electric Bed

Healthward UK V8v Hospital bed

AED 8400.00
Electric Bed

Electric Hospital bed V6K

AED 4725.00

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Key features and characteristics of hospital electric beds:

Electric Motorization: Hospital electric beds are powered byrnelectric motors that allow for the adjustment of various bed components, suchrnas the height, head section, foot section, and sometimes, the knee section. Thernelectric motorization makes it easy to customize the bed's position to meet thernspecific needs of individual patients.

Height Adjustment: The height of the bed can be raised orrnlowered to different levels. This feature helps caregivers provide care morerncomfortably and allows patients to enter and exit the bed with ease. It alsornaids in preventing falls and injuries.

Head and Foot Elevation: Hospital electric beds canrntypically adjust the head section and foot section independently. This allowsrnpatients to sit up in bed comfortably (head elevation) and elevate their legsrn(foot elevation). These adjustments are crucial for various medical conditionsrnand activities like eating, reading, and watching TV.

Backrest Angle Adjustment: The backrest section of the bedrncan be adjusted to different angles. This feature provides additional comfortrnand support for patients when sitting up or reclining in bed.

Knee Articulation (Optional): Some hospital electric bedsrnalso offer knee articulation, allowing the knee section of the bed to bernraised, providing a more ergonomic position for the patient and additionalrncomfort.

Side Rails: Many hospital electric beds come with side railsrnto enhance patient safety by preventing accidental falls. These rails can oftenrnbe raised or lowered as needed.

Mattress Support: Hospital electric beds are compatible withrnspecialized hospital mattresses designed to meet medical requirements. Thesernmattresses may include features like pressure redistribution surfaces to helprnprevent pressure ulcers.

Safety Features: Hospital beds are equipped with safetyrnfeatures such as bed exit alarms, which alert caregivers if a patient attemptsrnto leave the bed unassisted. Additionally, they often have locking mechanismsrnto prevent unauthorized adjustments.

Ease of Cleaning: Hospital beds are designed for easyrncleaning and disinfection, which is essential for infection control inrnhealthcare settings.

Wheels: Many hospital electric beds come with wheels forrneasy mobility within the facility, allowing patients to be moved easily whenrnnecessary.