<p>In any calamity or emergency, every second counts. While the injured is waiting for full medical treatment, he or she needs to get an immediate help with care, and this is called "first aid". The first aid that you can provide may range from minor to critical initial intervention, whether the patient has the existing serious illness or it was first experienced during calamities. It can also depend on the level of knowledge and training about the first aid procedure.</p> <br> Aside from having the knowledge and skill in providing first aid during emergencies, it's also very important that you have the right tools for your disposal. For someone who got minor skin scratches, first aid supplies such as band aids and other antiseptics can provide protection against germs that could infect the wounds. Another instance is if someone gets dehydrated, electrolyte drinks from your first aid kit can provide immediate relief from heat stress. <br> <br> Here at medicalmart, we provide a vast range of first aid supplies, kits, and accessories to provide you and the victim quick assistance for any emergency. Some of the first aid supplies include: stretchers,firstaid kits, burn kit,eye wash stations, hydration packs, rescue tools, bandages of all types, emergency oxygen, and more. Contact us or ask your safety personnel now to know the right type of first aid kits or supplies for your use today!

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