Enteral Feeding Bags are used to contain feeding solutions for delivery of food via the enteral feeding machine. It is mandatory to change the feeding bag everyday to prevent any kind of infection from the the said procedure. Every feeding machine has a specific feeding bag designed for their own machine. We have two (2) types of feeding machine: Single Pump Feeding Machine that require one (1) bag only which delivers feeding solutions only and the Dual Pump Feeding Machine which requires two (2) feeding bag that delivers both feeding solution and water for flushing alternatively.

Products of Enteral Feeding Bag

Enteral Feeding Bag

Freego Feeding Bag S810

AED 50.00
Enteral Feeding Bag

Kangaroo Epump Enteral Feeding Pump Sets

AED 85.00
Enteral Feeding Bag

FREEGO S795 Enteral Feeding Set

AED 42.00
Enteral Feeding Bag

Abbott Flexitainer 1000

AED 16.00
Enteral Feeding Bag

Abbott Flexitainer 500

AED 15.00
Enteral Feeding Bag

FreeGo Pump Giving Set S790

AED 28.00