<p>Tegaderm is a transparent medical dressing manufactured by 3M. Tegaderm transparent dressings can be used to cover and protect wounds and catheter sites.</p><br>rnrn<p>Tegaderm Dressings come in multiple options including Tegaderm Adhesive Dressing, Tegaderm Non-Adherent Dressing, Tegaderm Absorbent Dressing, Tegaderm Transparent Dressing, Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Dressing, Tegaderm Foam Dressing and Tegaderm Alginate Dressing. The inner layer of these wound dressings has Tegaderm Film which is a moist, clear, acrylic polymer pad that allows wound exudate to move through perforations away from the wound. This advanced wound dressing promotes autolytic debridement while allowing visualization of the wound. The outer layer of the Tegaderm Dressing has a breathable, waterproof layer that provides a barrier to outside contamination.</p><br>rn<p>3M Tegaderm Dressings utilize a transparent design that allows patients and care givers to monitor pressure ulcers, skin tears and other moderately exuding wounds without changing the dressing. Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressings allows wound bandages to stay in place longer to promote healing and decrease the need for changing dressings; thereby, saving time and money. 3M Tegaderm is an absorbent dressing that is a hypoallergenic bandage. </p>

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