Enteral Feeding

Abound Orange 24 grams per sachet, 30 sachets/box

Oral solution intended to support wound healing.

Enteral Feeding
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Abound  contains three essential elements for effective wound treatment: HMB , arginine and glutamine. On the one hand, they promote the healing of wounds in a targeted manner and on the other hand, they strengthen the immune system.

Abound  is available as an orange flavored powder and should be mixed with water before use. The recommended daily dosage is two sachets. The product can be administered orally or by tube.

If a balanced diet with sufficient energy, protein, vitamins and minerals is not possible or in case of malnutrition, Abound  can be administered in addition to high calorie drinkable nutritional solutions (eg Ensure  Plus Advance). Thus, the missing substrates can be taken in a simple way and the organism can be sufficiently supplied.

Abound  may be beneficial in people with acute and chronic wounds, such as eg. in the following cases:
  • Pressure sore
  • Crural ulcer
  • Diabetic foot
  • Burns
  • Surgical wounds
  • Other wounds
  • box-30's

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30 x 24g Bag