Autoclave 18Ltr

Class B autoclave 18ltr

AED 6000.00
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  • European Class B standard, fit for EN13060 safety test with function of three pulse vacuum drying, vacuum degree can reach to -0.082bar,mechanical residual humidity less than 0.2%.Suitable for different instrument disinfection sterilization, including with package, without package, solid, Class  A hollow, B type hollow, B type hollow with porous internal piping.
  • Full computer control, adopting advanced imported 16-bit microprocessor, suitable for different equipment of sterilization including dental, eye, operating room and laboratory.
  • Have BD test. The degree of vacuum test used for steam penetration testing. 
  • The jet steam generator, to ensure the temperature and pressure in pot more uniform, the disinfection more thorough.
  • Waste water tank filled with water warning system, to avoid waste water circulation, make the disinfection more meaningful.
  • Clear digital display, perfect fault detection alarm system, allow you to master the machine dynamic at any time.
  • Door interlock protection, cavity with pressure, door can't be opened make it more secure.
  • The built-in printer is optional to record the disinfection process.