BD Micro-Fine plus pen needles 0.23mm(32g) x 4mm, 100's/box

Designed to the needs and preferences of patients with diabetes. The Disposable Needle BD Micro-Fine plus 4 mm uses the technology to make it easier to inject insulin.

AED 125.00
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  • BD Micro-Fine plus Diabetic Insulin Pen Needles Lower the Risk of Intramuscular Injection.
  • BD 4mm Micro Fine Pen Needles Comes with Advanced Injection Technique
  • This 4mm insulin pen needle Helps to Lower the Hypoglycemia Related Issues
  • It is compatible with the most of brands
  • BD 4mm Micro Fine Pen Needles can lower anxiety during insulin injection


  • Lay out your injection pen Take out a needle unit and an alcohol pad
  • Remove cap from pen and wipe the end with alcohol pad, then screw on the needle unit, setting aside the large cap
  • Discard the small cap that covers the needle itself
  • Set the dial for 1 unit and press button and be sure a small amount of insulin is present on the end of the needle; it's usually just a tiny drop
  • Select the injection site and wipe with alcohol pad and let dry
  • Dispose the needle correctly


BD Micro-Fine plus pen needles 0.23mm(32g) x 4mm, 100's/box, REF: 320520