Blood Collection Set

Safety Butterfly Blood Collection Set With Pre-attached Holder, 25g x 3/4 Inch, 12" length

Safety blood collection needle is a safety-engineered device intended for venous blood collection. The safety mechanism can be activated immediately after blood draw, helping to protect you against needle stick injury. while holding the tube for easy and safe collection of blood samples

Blood Collection Set
AED 150.00
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  • Luer-adapter for multi-sample collection
  • Sterilized by EO, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic
  • Easy-to-handle textured wings
  • One-handed activation of safety mechanism
  • Color-coded wings to coincide with ISO-standards
  • Latex-free, DEHP-free
  • For single use only, discard after use
  • Do not use if the package is damaged or open

PACKING: 50pcs / box