Firstaid Box

Burn First Aid Kit

effective for use at work or home

Firstaid Box
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 Burns Kit is effective for use at work or home and provides effective relief from a variety of burns including, scalds and sunburn. The Blue Dot Burns Kit is available in two sizes - small and medium and is an essential requirement with the workplace. Particularly where the risk of getting burn related injuries is higher.

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urn Dressing20cm x 20cm1
Burn Dressing10cm x 10cm2
 Low Adherent Dressing10cm x 10cm2
Low Adherent Dressing10cm x 20cm1
 Burn Gel Sachet-8
 Eye Wash Pods20ml Each8
Crepe Bandage10cm x 4.5m1
Conforming Bandage7.5cm x 4.5m2
Microporous Tape2.5cm x 5m1