Microcyn Hydrogel 120g

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Dermacyn Wound Care Solution – Life-Enhancing Advance in Tissue Care, Dermacyn Wound Care Solution, based on the Microcyn Technology, mimics the same oxychlorine composition as that manufactured by neutrophils in the body’s immune system. Neutrophils are the most abundant type of white blood cells in humans and form an integral part of the immune system. It is safe-as-saline, biocompatible, and shelf-stable technology which has demonstrated, in a variety of research and investigational studies, the ability to treat a wide range of pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria (including MRSA and VRE), viruses, fungi and spores while reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow to treated tissue, all while being completely non-toxic to healthy Human tissues and Cells. Safe as Saline!!!

Pack size : 120Gm