Colostomy Care

Echosan Adhesive Remover Spray

Medical Adhesive Remover 200ml

Colostomy Care
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Description: offers a wide range of adhesive remover products.

EchoSan spray is one of the premium quality adhesive remover spray available with us.

Medical adhesive remover spray is used in painless and effective remove medical adhesives like plasters,bandages ,dressings,tape and stoma bags and base.


Very mild Non irritating

Easy to apply

Moisturize the skin

Fresh Odour

Suitable for Adults and children

How to Use EchoSan?

spray echoSan around the edges and on the top of adhesive.

No waiting required. Directly peel the adhesive away from the skin.

EchoSan dries quickly and will not affect  the adhesion of subsequent adhesives.

Storage:do not exceed 50C