Enteral Feeding

Ensure MAX Protein Mocha-330ml

High-quality protein to support your muscles

Enteral Feeding
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Ensure Max Protein Café Mocha Nutrition Shake
Nutrition with 30g of protein to help build muscle and satisfy hunger, and 1g of sugar
Each serving of Ensure Max Protein, from the #1 doctor-recommended brand* Ensure, provides high-quality protein to help keep muscles strong, satisfy hunger, along with other key nutrients your body needs. Each ready-to-drink shake has:

* 30 grams of high-quality protein to support your muscles
* 1 gram of sugar
* 25 essential vitamins and minerals
* 150 nutritious calories
* 1.5 grams of fat
* 100 milligrams of caffeine—as much as a cup of coffee†
* Includes a blend of espresso flavor and chocolate flavor

Additional information:
* Gluten-free
* Suitable for lactose intolerance
* Halal
* Kosher