Commodes &Amp; Bath Bench

Etac Clean Shower Commode Chair

Secure, safe and simple for both users and carers.

Commodes &Amp; Bath Bench
AED 2100.00
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Easy to fit and manouevre
Etac Clean shower commode chair is extremely easy to operate, thanks to the width of the push handle. The clever design can be seen throughout the entire chair. The upright handle ensures that Clean is a perfect fit, even over wall-mounted toilets, and the chair is open at the back to facilitate access.

Comfortable and practical foot support
The foot support on Clean shower commode chair is unique and can be pushed under the seat when not in use. The soft curved surface provides good comfort for the feet, which are also protected by the foot support's side protection. All other variants of Clean also have these features, but they also have additional functionality to meet other needs.