Finger Splint

Finger Coat Splint-Small

Aluminum finger Splint

Finger Splint
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Aluminum & Foam Support Brace Finger Splint
Size : Small, Medium, Large
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What is a finger splint used for?
Finger splints are used to keep these vulnerable extremities in place while you heal from a finger sprain or break, or to help increase a limited range of motion from a chronic condition.
Product Description. Aids bruised, sprained or cut finger by immobilising movement to protect the injured finger. Features and Benefits. Designed to help relieve finger pain and reduce the swelling caused by sprains, jams, strains and arthritis.
How long should a finger splint be worn?
You may need to wear a splint for different lengths of time. If your tendon is only stretched, not torn, it should heal in 4 to 6 weeks if you wear a splint all the time. If your tendon is torn or pulled off the bone, it should heal in 6 to 8 weeks of wearing a splint all the time.