Electric Bed

Five Functional Electric Hospital bed - Saikang B8e

5 Function Electric Hospital Bed

Electric Bed
AED 7350.00
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Five Functional electric Bed for hospital and homecare: B8e

Technical parameters of 5 functional electric bed
  • External size (LxWxH) : 2170x1065x(435-725)mm
  • Mattress platform : 1925x900 mm
  • Back rest : 75°±10°
  • Leg rest : 35°±10°
  • Tredelenburg : 0-12°
  • Reverse trendelenburg : 0-12°
  • Safe working load : 250 kg
  • Angle indicator : 0-90°
  • Voltage and frequency : 100-240 V · 50/60 Hz

A 5-function electric hospital bed is a type of medical bed designed for use in healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, patients homecare and long-term care facilities.

These beds are equipped with various functions and adjustments to provide optimal patient care, comfort, and safety.

The "5-function" designation typically refers to five specific functions or adjustments that the bed can perform. These functions may include:

Height Adjustment: The bed can be raised or lowered to different heights. This feature helps caregivers provide care more comfortably by reducing the need to bend or stoop, and it allows patients to get in and out of bed more easily.

Head Elevation: The head section of the bed can be raised and lowered, allowing patients to sit up in bed comfortably. This function is essential for patients who need to be in a semi-upright position for activities such as eating, reading, or watching TV. It can also aid in managing conditions like respiratory issues or acid reflux.

Foot Elevation: The foot section of the bed can be raised and lowered independently of the head section. This adjustment is useful for patients who require their legs to be elevated to reduce swelling, improve circulation, or relieve pressure on the lower back.

Backrest Angle Adjustment: This function allows the backrest section of the bed to be adjusted to different angles. It provides additional comfort and support for patients while sitting up or reclining in bed.

Knee Articulation: Some 5-functional electric hospital beds also include a knee articulation feature. This allows the knee section of the bed to be raised, providing a more ergonomic position for the patient and additional comfort.