Enteral Feeding Pump Machine

Kangaroo Epump Enteral Feeding Pump

The Kangaroo™ ePump system is the latest innovation in enteral feeding pump technology. When patients require nutrition through continuous feeding, intermittent feeding or feeding and flushing, Kangaroo™ ePump enteral feeding pump delivers in one compact, easy-to-use device.

Enteral Feeding Pump Machine
AED 8000.00
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Kangaroo™ ePump Features and Benefits

  • Five button, easy-to-use interface that walks the user through the programming process, and an alarm identification system that quickly resolves any problems that may arise
  • DEHP-free pump sets protect the patients from any adverse side effects associated with DEHP. All sets sold outside of EMEA are DEHP-free.
  • Anti-Free flow pump sets ensure patient safety and an accurate delivery of nutrition
  • The MISTIC (Magnetic Intelligent Set Type Identification Connector) Identification System recognizes the pump set type and offers appropriate programming options
  • Feeding and flushing sets offer programmed flushing intervals, eliminating the need to manually flush tubes and sets, and allowing for hydration and nutrition-programmed delivery
  • Maintains dosage delivery accuracy of +/- 10% of the volume to be delivered
  • Orientation independent delivery with no drip chamber, the pump can be used anywhere and on anyone
  • Memory settings enable prior settings to be saved for up to 72 hours
  • Screen and program lock-out feature prevents manipulation of pump delivery process if protection is desired