50ml Luer Slip Tip Disposable Syringe Without Needle

Sterile Syringe, Non-pyrogenic, Non-toxic

AED 75.00
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User friendly design: they have solid flanges and a stable and mobile plunger for optimal control and stability during injection. Highly transparent barrel for easy recognition of air bubbles and clear printing for easy and correct reading of the dosage. Individuals syringe in sterile blister pack. 


  • Special silicone lubrication ensures that plunger moves smoothly and evenly.
  • Made entirely of environmental friendly materials. Does not contain vulcanised rubber or PVC and are latex free - no rubber plunger
  • Bold scale printing for a more accurate dosage of medication
  • Secure Luer slip for a safe connection to needle (sold separately)
  • Retaining ring to prevent accidental plunger removal
  • The sterile, individual peel off blister pack of each syringe keeps it in a sterile condition until it will be used
  • The lot number and expiry date are clearly marked on each blister

PACKING: 25 pcs / 1 box