Meso-Relle 30G X 12mm

Mesotherapy Needle

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Meso-relle 30G x 12mm
Meso-relle - Biotekne this Italian manufacturer, CE of medical needles, which are widely used in mesotherapy and other procedures. Meso-relle needles are different length and different diameters.
  • length: 12mm ;
  • needle diameter: 0.4 mm; 
  • Color: Yellow;
Mesorelle needles are manufactured to the highest standard in Europe, incorporating the latest technology to ensure that they are strong, smooth and sharp. These qualities make them a reliable and popular choice with mesotherapy specialists across the world. They are designed to fit standard mesotherapy equipment and come with full instructions on their use. Training is required to perfect the techniques of assembling the needles with other equipment, using them effectively for specific treatments, and disposing of them safely in order to protect individuals and the environment. The needles can be deployed in combination with a huge range of mesotherapy medications.
  • Sterilized (EtO), disposable devices; packed each one in a single separable blister.
  • Made in AISI 304 steel, needles have a Luer cone that allows the connection on mesorelle multi-injectors and also on plastic syringes.
  • As reported below, needles are available in different lengths (mm) and diameters (G=Gauge).
  • Mesorelle mesotherapy needles are available in 100 pcs box