Naso-Fix securement device is intended for the securement of oxygen catheters, duodenal and nasal tubes and to prevent accidental displacement of the catheter or tube from the nose.

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Naso-Fix is a discreet looking adhesive that helps to maximize patient comfort by fixing the catheter / probe in the nostril at an ideal angle, reducing the risk of pressure injury. Its manufacturing material allows the skin to sweat while minimizing the risk of skin maceration, irritation and blisters.

  • Single-use device
  • Indicated for secure fixation of catheters and probes;
  • Reduces the risk of accidental displacement of the catheter or probe.

Instructions To Use
  • Remove the protective paper from the part of the device to be attached to the patient's nose;
  • Attach over the nose and remove the protective paper from the vertical portion of the device;
  • Attached it to the catheter / probe and remove the paper from the side strip;
  • Secure it by wrapping it around the catheter / probe;
  • Additional adhesive strips can be attached to the catheter for added safety and comfort.
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