Pall Ultipor 50 Filter

High efficiency mechanical filter

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High efficiency mechanical filter

  • Validated for the retention of SARS-CoV-2
  • Pleated hydrophobic filter medium
  • High efficiency retention of airborne bacterial and viral contamination
  • 100 % retentive for liquid-borne contamination
  • Compatible with drug nebulization
  • Simplified logistics due to possible application at patient end or at machine end
  • Individually tested for integrity and efficiency before release

Product Features

High level of protection:

The Pall Ultipor 50 has been validated to retain aerosolized bacteria at > 99.999 % and viruses at > 99.995 % efficiency1. When challenged with the SARS-CoV-2 virus it showed a > 99.999 % retention efficiency2. Its hydrophobic filter medium is a 100 % barrier to liquid-borne contamination3. The Pall Ultipor 50 will therefore provide an outstanding level of protection against contamination and infection for patients, staff, equipment and the environment.

Versatile application:

When used at patient end in anaesthesia it is indicated for the prevention of cross infection via breathing systems. In this position it will protect breathing systems from patient derived contamination, allowing for their extended use in conjunction with a hospital protocol that ensures hygienic and mechanical integrity of the system. The Ultipor 50 filter is also indicated for machine side use on anaesthesia and critical care ventilators, water bath humidifiers and other medical gas equipment (e.g. oxygen concentrators, nebulisers) where the connector fittings comply to ISO 5356-1. Under certain conditions of use in dry gases (e.g. when used in conjunction with a patient end HME), extended use beyond 24 h may be permitted.

Filter medium:

Pleated hydrophobic filter medium

Filtration efficiency liquid-borne bacteria:

100 %3

Retention of SARS-CoV-2:

> 99.999 %

Bacterial retention efficiency:

> 99.999 %

Viral retention efficiency:

> 99.995 %

Filtration efficiency for NaCl particles tested as per ISO 23328-1:

  • > 99.96 % dry
  • > 99.99 % after 24 h conditioning in humid gases