Ph Strips

PH Paper Universal

PH Paper Universal

Ph Strips
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Simple, reliable and rapid pH measurement
No matter what your scientific qualification or expertise, pH measurement with our non-bleeding indicator strips is simple and has been provided assurance for qualified persons since 1938. The desired pH value can be tested with our simple and rapid pH Indicator Non-bleeding Strips that ensure precision and quality.

Long strips for secure analysis
Confidently measure the pH value of challenging, hazardous or harmful liquids as the elongated plastic strip keeps the specimen away therefore minimising exposure.

Multiple pads for precise measurement
Accurate colour charts allow for reliable, simple and rapid measurement with their efficient design. pH Indicator Non-Bleed Strips are available in packs that encompasses the entire pH scale from 0 - 14 and narrower pH ranges. Depending on the purpose and the measurement range, there are 12 different products for selection graded as single pad strips to four pad strips.

Additional benefits:
  • Since the strips can be held in the specimen until the final colour change is observed, they can be used consistently with minimal risk in weakly buffered solutions
  • Colours can be matched accurately with the colour chart as there is no cross contamination between the pads on the strip. No specimen contamination
  • Slim packaging provides portability and safety
  • Nothing to prepare before use
  • Consistent batch to batch measurements against accurately printed colour charts
Pack : 100's