Reclining Wheelchair

Reclining Wheelchair

MVP 502 Suitable for stroke patients or long term users Anti-sliding Recline Model Anti-sliding V-seating system keeps users stable on wheelchair when reclining. Axle-travelling footrest adjusts leg length during tilting and reclining for maximum comfort. Lateral push-bar strengthens wheelchair structure and improves efficiency for the attendant.

Reclining Wheelchair
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Anti-sliding V-seating system

Anti-sliding design allows the user’s body to move on the same track as the backrest, significantly reducing friction between user’s body and wheel chair cushions. The brand new V-shaped seating design allows the user to adjust the angle between backrest cushion and seating cushion by 20 degrees. It helps prevent the user from sliding off from the wheelchair cushion constantly that can cause additional friction and enhance the chance of developing pressure ulcer. 

Axle-travelling Footrest

The elevating swing-away footrest stretches automatically during elevation, which allows users’ legs to extend freely and thus ease the pressure. Lateral push-bar

The lateral push-bar strengthens back support by adding greater firmness to the chair and makes it more efficient to push and navigate. Foldable structure makes operation quick and easy for extra convenience. 


Hydraulic pressure support system

The pressure releasing system is composed of two hydraulic pressure support bars that are placed behind backrest cushion, giving extra support for both user and attendant while reclining and lifting. It offers a greater help to the attendant since the two hydraulic pressure bars distribute the user’s body weight evenly?hence, it can lower the speed and minimize shock while reclining. 

Multi-functional Ergonomic Armrest

The backrest-armrest coupling structural design allows the armrest to switch position ergonomically according to users’ elbows when the backrest relines between 93° and160°.In addition, the height-adjustable armrests can be flipped back easily, greatly reducing efforts to transfer the user from wheelchair to other places such as bed and car. 

Strap-tension Adjustable Backrest and Seat Cushions

Unlike traditional wheelchairs, the back and seat strap design provides unrestricted adjustments according to users’ conditions while stabilizing the sitting position and preventing slouch and spinal deformity. 

Flip-back Armrest Design

Innovative armrest design features flip-back armrest and easy height adjustment without any tools, providing greater convenience for the users to move in and out of the wheelchair. 

Elevating Legrest Support

This ergonomic legrest allows multiple dimensional fine adjustment (up/down, left/right, inward/ outward) and offers supreme comfort for lower limbs. 

Ergonomic Headrest

The ergonomic headrest provides perfect support from lateral sides and occipital side, effectively relieving pressure for shoulder and neck. Moreover, it wouldn't restrict the lateral vision for the user. 

Pressure releasing seat/back cushion

Super thick (3cm) removable cushion offers relaxation and pressure relief for long term users. 

Foldable Backrest

Extremely compact once folded, portable and easy to store. 

AEGIS Microbe Shield

Approved by the FDA, EPA, EU, etc., upholstery with anti-microbial barrier prevents from odor, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms. It is a shield for your health.