Restrainer Hand/Ankle

Tynor Restrainer

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Tynor Restrainer is a hand/ ankle cuff designed to limit body movement or maintain the body in particular position. It is applied to a patient to prevent him from causing harm to self, to others or to the medical devices applied to him .

Code: I 65

Sizes Available: Universal
Cushiony & comfortable
Easy to tie and open
Strong and durable
Fits left, right, wrist & ankle.
3 inches wide wrist cuff with air filed bubble interface ensures High cushioning with good grip around the wrist. It allows air circulation beneath the product for enhanced comfort.
Soft & Non abrasive materials are used to avoid any wound/ injury to the limb even on repeated use.
It is very cushiony, comfortable and hypoallergenic, ensure no rash or allergy.
Made out of Polyester strap with Adjustable buckle, it is strong and durable, provides secure tying to the bed/chair frame. Easy adjustment of the sling length limits the body movement.
Ergonomicaly designed, it is easy to tie and open and has a universal size which can fit all sizes of wrist and ankle for both right and left sides.