Tracheostomy Tube

Shiley Tracheostomy tube Cuffless with Inner Cannula (REF:4CFN)

Shiley™ fenestrated tracheostomy tubes feature an opening that allows for increased airflow and helps permit the patient to breathe through the upper airway, if desired. This may support a patient's ability to cough, speak/phonate, and wean more effectively.

Tracheostomy Tube
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Shiley Tracheostomy tube Cuffless with Inner Cannula (REF:4CFN)
Fenestrated tubes have an opening(s) on the outer cannula, which allows air to pass through the patient's oral/nasal pharynx as well as the tracheal opening. The air movement allows the patient to speak and produces a more effective cough.

More Information
  • Manufacturer : COVIDIEN
  • Size : 4
  • Sterility : Sterile
  • Style : Inner Cannula Fenestrated
  • Usage : Reusable
  • Latex Free : Yes
  • Securing Method : Cuffless