Tracheostomy Tube

TRACOE twist Tracheostomy Tube (REF:306-08) Size 8

TRACOE twist Tracheostomy Tube with low-pressure cuff and subglottic suction (REF: 306-08) Size 8

Tracheostomy Tube
AED 500.00
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TRACOE twist tracheostomy tube, unfenestrated with low pressure cuff and subglottic suction line

  • Outer Cannula with cuff and subglottic suction line
  •  2 inner cannulas with 15mm connector
  • 2 connectors for suction devices
  • Perforated obturator and wide neck strap
  • In sterile package
  • Item is special order will take minimum 2-3 working days

**Kindly contact for more assistance regarding the sizing

055 360 3679 or 054 305 9325