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Vein Finder-QV-600

Portable vein finding device

Infusion Therapy
AED 6000.00
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Qualmedi QV-600 Vein Finder is a portable vein finding device. It can project the blood vessels image on skin surface accurately and timely. The ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to hold. 
This device also can be used to examine patients with varicose veins, and avoid closed or bifurcated veins.

QV-600 Vein Finder has various user-defined functions, which can adapt to different ages, body shapes, skin colors, weights and various operating environments. And it can be used for dialysis elbow puncture, plastic surgery and infant puncture.

  • Twelve Colors: Suitable for different skin colors or environments.
  • Three Sizes: Suitable for adults, children and newborns.
  • Six Levels of Brightness: Adjust the projection image to the most comfortable brightness.
  • Inversion Mode: Reduce arm hair interference and make blood vessels clearer.
  • Enhancement Mode: Enhance the clarity of blood vessel detection.
  • Sleep Mode: Enter into low power consumption mode when the user needs short intervals and can be waked up quickly. Automatical sleep time can be set.
  • Photograph: Store venous images for medical staff to track and analyze pathology.
  • Image storage capacity?6000 sets, accessed by computer.
  • Electric Quantity Monitoring: Display on the LCD and alert when battery is low. Automatical shutdown without operation for 35 minutes.