Zoll Aed 3

Easy to use. Easy to own. Easy to maintain.

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Zoll AED 3 Fully Automatic Defibrillator

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and easy to maintain
  • IP55 rating, the unit is protected against small amounts of dust and low-pressure water jets
  • The unit is fully-functional both lay down and stood up to suit any environment.
  • User-friendly, full-colour interactive touch screen
  • Visual rescue prompts on screen
  • Unit status indicator shows a tick to indicate if the unit is functional and rescue ready
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Onboard USB port to transport data and update software directly
  • The AED 3 can retain 2 rescue data files simultaneously

ZOLL Unique Features

  • ZOLL PlusTrac AED Program Management System – Every ZOLL AED 3 is equipped with Wi-Fi capability. This allows the user to link to the AED 3 to ZOLL’s PlusTrac AED Program Management System to monitor the status of your device. After each daily and weekly self-check, the device will report results to PlusTrac which can be accessed by a mobile device or computer. If the self-check fails or the AED 3 fails to report to PlusTrac, you will be notified immediately so you’re able to rectify any issues to ensure your defibrillator is ready to use in an emergency.
  • Push Child Button – Effective care can be delivered to a child simply by pressing the paediatric button to change the device to Child Rescue Mode. Once the button has been pressed, the algorithm of the AED will automatically adjust along with the vocal and visual prompts to adhere to an appropriate rescue. The AED screen will show the correct way to provide CPR to a child, allowing you to safely provide the most effective care possible, even if you've never delivered a rescue before.
*If Child Mode is selected, Real CPR Help excludes the voice prompts and the metronome is provided only when compressions are detected*.
  • Real CPR Help – Effective CPR is crucial for saving a life. Thanks to ‘Real CPR Help’, a rescuer is guided to provide compressions that meet current guidelines to ensure the most effective CPR is being delivered – the touch-screen display will show how well you’re doing and will provide on-the-spot feedback so you can be confident in the care you provide.
  • Battery Standby : 5 years
  • Warranty : 6 years
  • IP Rating : 55: the AED is protected against limited dust ingress and low pressure water jets from any direction
  • Electrode Pad Life : 5 years
  • Memory : 120 minutes
  • Dimensions : H: 12.7cm x W: 23.6cm x D: 24.7cm
  • Weight : 2.5 kg
  • Internet Connectivity : WIFI