Suction Machine is a piece of medical equipment that assists health care professionals in clearing the upper respiratory system from any blockage either through the upper respiratory airway (mouth & nose), tracheostomy and/or tubes. It uses a negative pressure therapy that pulls out secretions to help improve a person's breathing. 

The machine uses suction to pull out mucus, saliva, blood, secretions or other fluids clearing the airway for easy breathing. These machines are designed either for stationary use at home or the portable variety for a patient on the move. We have a wide range of portable and non-portable aspirators which can be used in hospitals, clinics, ambulances or at home. Our range of aspirators come from leading manufacturers like CA-MI, 3A Healthcare, DeVilbiss, Drive Medical.

Products of Suction Machine

Suction Machine

Ca-Mi New Askir 30 Suction Machine

AED 1800.00
Suction Machine

Askir 36 Br Suction Machine

AED 2950.00
Suction Machine

New Askir 230/12v Br

AED 2100.00
Suction Machine

Suction Filter-CA-MI

AED 73.50
Suction Machine

Suction Jar

AED 250.00
Suction Machine

Devilbiss Suction Pump Bacterial Filter

AED 65.00
Suction Machine

Suction Filter 3A

AED 74.00
Suction Machine

Drive VacuAide 7325

AED 2500.00