Suction Machine

Askir 36 Br Suction Machine

lightweight for easy transport and Indicated for use in hospitals, minor surgery and tracheotomy.

Suction Machine
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8x14 mm Silicone Tubes (autoclavable) + Conical Connector ø 10-11-12mm 
Antibacterial & Hydrophobic Filter (single-patient) 
CH20 Canula 
AC/DC Universal Adapter 
Power Cord with Schuko plug 
12V Car Adapter 
Motor :Oiless and maintenance-free piston pump
Power Feeding :14V 4A with AC/DC Universal Adapter mod. UE60-140429SPA3 (100-240V~ - 50/60Hz – 100VA) Internal Rechargeable Pb Battery (12V 4A) - Autonomy 60min - Recharging Time 120÷150min
Absorbed Power 4 A
ISO 10079-1Classification : HIGH VACUUM / HIGH FLOW 
Max Vacuum (adjustable) -0.80 bar -80kPa - 600mmHg 
Max free air flow rate: 36 l/min 
Duty-cycle : Non-stop operation 
Noise Level: 65,5 dBA (with jar) / 68,5 dBA (without jar) 
Autonomy : 60 min 
Recharging Time : 240 minuti 
IP code : IP21 
Weight : 4,39 Kg 
Size : 35x21x18 cm 
Warranty : 1 year 
Place of Manufacturing : ITALY