Tracheostomy Dressing

Allevyn Tracheostomy Wound Care Foam

The Allevyn Tracheostomy dressing combines the benefits of Allevyn with a ‘key-hole\' aperture which allows the dressing to fit neatly around a tracheostomy tube or other drain or stoma.

Tracheostomy Dressing
AED 335.00
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rnHighly absorbentrn
rn- Unique structure of this dressing enables it to absorb large amounts of secretions
rn- Prevents maceration and helps maintain the condition of the patients skin in the peristomal arearn
rnEasy to apply and removern
rn- Key-hole aperture in dressing simplifies applications
rn- Dressing may be cut to shape, if required
rn- Removal of the dressing is simple and painless, causing minimal distress to the patient
rnBreathable film
rn- Breathable OPSITE Film forms the outer surface of the dressing, preventing leakage of secretions through the front of the dressing, providing an easy clean surface and acting as a barrier to liquids
rn- Advanced design of dressing minimizes adherence to both the peristomal skin and the tracheostomy tube, reducing trauma for the patient during use and removal.rn
rnSoft and conformablern
rn- Cushioned middle foam layer offers significant benefits in terms of patient comfort and protection
rn- Non-fibrous construction also means that fiber shedding is not a problem, unlike traditional gauze dressings
rnAttractive appearancern
rn- Dressing has a clean, functional appearance which helps to reassure patients and their caregivers
rn- High absorbency means that fewer dressing changes are required, which makes the dressing not only more cost effective but also minimizes discomfort for the patient
rn- It is a soft, conformable non-adherent dressing indicated for the management of fluid, secretion, or exudate build-up associated with the use of tracheostomy tubes
rn- Management of fluid
rn- Secretion
rn- Exudate build-up associated with the use of tracheostomy tubes