Cuff Inflator And Manometer

Cuff Inflator Pressure Gauge With Connecting Tubes

Cuff Inflator Pressure Guage can reduce micro-aspiration. The Cuff Inflator prevents the necessity for syringes, electricity or complicated connections needed to examine cuff pressure. It is simple to use and Gauge suggests recommended pressure range in cm H2O.Maybe left in place for constant observation.The accuracy of the display as well as the pre-defined pressure ranges facilitate users to keep up the correct pressure with any quite of airway devices.

Cuff Inflator And Manometer
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Smiths Medical manufactures a variety of high quality accessories to support effective Airway Management.
Catheter Mounts are lightweight by design. The versatile Cuff inflation gauge combines the advantages of controlled cuff inflation with precise pressure monitoring. The Y piece connector is a modified Ayres T piece that has a flow tube at an acute angle to reduce bulk.