Tracheostomy Dressing

Kendall Amd Antimicrobial Foam Dressing

Kendall AMD antimicrobial foam dressings have been developed to support your efforts in managing both moisture and bacterial balance.

Tracheostomy Dressing
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AMD Antimicrobial Foam Dressings Features

Novel dressings absorb and retain wound fluid for ideal moisture management.
  • Kendall™ AMD antimicrobial foam dressings are uniquely engineered to simultaneously manage moisture and bacteria, thus promoting an ideal, moist wound healing environment. The dressings feature:
  • A micro-structured, open-cell surface that absorbs exudate
  • Vertical wicking action that moves fluid into foam core
  • A dense core that maximizes retention of exudate
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Contain PHMB (Polyhexamethylene Biguanide)
  • Supports a moist and bactericidal environment, providing a balanced environment
  • Resist bacterial colonization within the dressing
  • Reduce bacterial penetration through the dressing
  • Unique mode of action; Foam absorbs wound fluid; PHMB binds to foam material and kills bacteria
  • Provides protection against gram-, gram+ ( including MRSA and VRE) and fungi/yeast microorganisms
  • Limits cross-contamination from and to the patient, clinician and environment
  • Proven effective against repeated contamination for up to seven days
  • Sterile and hypoallergenic
  • Have been commonly used for 75 years with no known resistance
  • Cost less than most antimicrobial treatments and silver dressings
  • Compliant with most existing wound care protocols