Tracheostomy Dressing

Metalline Tracheo Dressing

Metalline Tracheo Dressing, L&R

Tracheostomy Dressing
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Metalline Tracheo Dressing


The use of drains requires rapidrnand appropriate wound care. With Metalline Drainage Pads and Tracheo Dressings, therncharacteristic features of Metalline, such as rapid drainage of exudate, comernto the fore in these indications. Metalline reduces the risk of adhesion to the wound,rnthereby allowing atraumatic and pain-free dressing changes.


Metalline Tracheo is idealrnfor the care of tube, drain and tracheostomy sites.


Key benefits

  • Less painful dressingrnchanges, as the smooth surface does not adhere to wounds
  • Flexible andrnsoft - gentle on the wound
  • Rapid absorptionrnof exudate
  • Permeable to air and waterrnvapour

Indication for use:

For wound care and retention ofrntracheal catheters with tracheostoma and large calibre drains. Wear time:rnintervals between dressing changes must be determined by the clinician, basedrnon the condition of the wound and level of exudate.


·   Do not use ifrnthere is a known sensitivity to the product.

·   MetallinernTracheo dressing should not be used during radiation procedures.

·   Do not cutrnMetalline Tracheo dressing.



Product Composition:

viscose (stiffened with acrylaternbinder), top layer of wound dressing ist aluminised

Dimensions: 8cm x9cm

Packaging: Sterile, individuallyrnsealed, 50pcs/box

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